Child Health

Rest easy knowing that your child's health is in expert hands. Our clinic prioritizes your child's well-being above all else, offering comprehensive and personalized medical services tailored to their unique needs.

In addition to the components included in the annual health assessment, we provide management and follow-up of specific elements related to child health, including:

  • During the physical examination: verification of growth, weight, and height to track growth curve
  • Developmental analysis: assessment of physiological changes due to growth
  • Updating vaccinations: according to the current vaccination schedule, including necessary boosters
  • Visual and auditory examination: to detect any deficiencies that could affect learning or quality of life
  • Skin examination: to detect skin problems such as acne or rashes
  • Lifestyle evaluation, including a discussion on dietary habits and childhood-specific nutritional needs; encouragement of an active lifestyle and discussion on sports activities, evaluation of sleep habits and quality of rest; assessment of emotional and mental health as well as psychological well-being
  • Referral and immediate access to our mental health branch for evaluation of developmental, language, and learning disorders if necessary

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