Nursing Care

Experience a nurturing environment where our compassionate nurses not only excel in specialized services but also create a comforting and relaxed atmosphere, putting you at ease every step of the way.

STBBI screening

Getting tested at Clinique Médicale 360 is quick, confidential, and done with the utmost respect for your needs and concerns. We'll share your results with you within a day of testing. If you need treatment, you'll be able to start right away.
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Sample Collection and Laboratory Analyses

Clinique Médicale 360 offers an on-site private laboratory service. By choosing to have your analyses done on-site*, you benefit from the following advantages: immediate sample collection on-site by your nurse, rapid results (usually within 48 hours) sent directly to your doctor, cost covered by most private insurance plans.
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At Clinique Médicale 360, we offer the full range of essential vaccines you need to minimize your risk of infection and keep you healthy.
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ear cleaning

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Wound care

We understand the importance of prioritizing wound care to ensure complete healing. Our highly qualified nurses will provide the appropriate level of care in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.
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If, as part of an allergy assessment, a specialist prescribes you desensitization treatment, we are here for you, to help you manage it."
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