If, as part of an allergy assessment, a specialist prescribes you desensitization treatment, we are here for you, to help you manage it."

Immunotherapy, or desensitization, can provide lasting relief for people whose allergies require constant medication because its effects persist long-term after treatment. By administering a series of subcutaneous injections targeting specific allergens (mites, grass, trees, etc.), we can reduce the symptoms caused by exposure.

Support services offered by the Clinique Médicale 360

  • If, as part of an allergy assessment, a specialist prescribes a desensitization treatment, he will also write you a prescription for his vaccines.
  • You can make a series of appointments at the Clinique médicale 360 to have them administered. You will pick up the vaccines at the pharmacy before your first appointment with us for an injection; we will keep subsequent vaccines.
  • The injections are administered by the nurse. They must be carried out under medical supervision and followed by a 30-minute observation period in the clinic, because they sometimes trigger a reaction. It is therefore important that you remain under our care after their administration, so that if necessary, we can intervene quickly.

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