Privacy Policy

Confidentiality and Protection of Personal Information

At Clinique Médicale 360, we are committed to protecting the confidentiality and security of our patient’s personal information in accordance with Quebec’s Private Sector Personal Information Protection Act (Act 25).

Collection and Use of Personal Information: We only collect personal information necessary for the provision of quality healthcare and the smooth operation of our clinic. The personal information we collect includes medical information, as well as information related to the provision of medical services, personal contact details, payment information, and any information necessary for the management of medical records and the proper functioning of the clinic.

Consent: We obtain consent from patients before collecting, using, or disclosing their personal information, except as provided by law.

Purpose of Collection: Personal information is collected for the purpose of providing appropriate healthcare, ensuring patient safety, facilitating communication among healthcare professionals, and effectively managing appointments and medical records.

Protection and Security: We implement appropriate security measures to protect personal information against unauthorized access, use, disclosure, or destruction.

Patients’ Rights: Patients have the right to access their personal information, request corrections if inaccurate, and file complaints if the Personal Information Protection Act is not complied with.

Transparency: We are transparent about our practices regarding confidentiality and protection of personal information. We are available to answer patients’ questions about how we handle their personal information.

For more information on our confidentiality and personal information protection policy, please contact Charles-Olivier Cloutier, Executive Vice President:; 514-375-2705, ext.108.