ear cleaning

The accumulation of cerumen (wax) in the ear can over time create a plug whose presence you will recognize by:

  • a feeling of pressure or discomfort in the ear
  • hearing loss
  • the hearing of a hum
  • a feeling of blockage

Blocked ear canals can cause infections, balance problems and, in the long term, cognitive problems. So don’t hesitate to make an appointment to have your ears examined by our nurses, who will be able to see if washing is necessary, or if an additional medical examination is recommended.

How to proceed?

  • Make an appointment for an ear examination and cleaning at the clinic – no prescription is necessary – with an interval of at least three days between making the appointment and the examination. (If you feel acute ear pain or have a fever, make an urgent appointment with one of our doctors instead).
  • Three days before the appointment, at bedtime, put a few drops of vegetable oil in your ears. The earwax will thus be softened and easier to extract when washing.
  • After examining your ears, if washing is necessary, the nurse injects lukewarm water into the external ear canal with a syringe to extract the cerumen plug. The operation only takes a few minutes.

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