Elder Health

An annual health examination for an elderly person, often referred to as a geriatric assessment, is a multidimensional evaluation aimed at optimizing the physical, functional, psychological, and social health of older individuals.

It helps tailor care and support necessary to maintain independence and quality of life in the elderly while preventing and managing chronic diseases. In addition to the components included in the annual health assessment, we provide management and follow-up of specific elements related to the health of the elderly person, including:

  • Detailed physical examination: including vital signs and examination of all body systems, with particular attention to common age-related conditions
  • General cognitive function assessment aimed at quickly identifying abnormal cognitive decline
  • Strength and balance assessment to prevent falls
  • Medication analysis: review and adjustment of prescriptions to reduce polypharmacy and medication interactions
  • Updating vaccinations according to the recommended schedule for older individuals, including flu, pneumococcal, and shingles vaccines
  • Referral and immediate access to our mental health branch for comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation if there is suspicion of abnormal cognitive decline.

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