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About Clinique Médicale 360


Clinique Médicale 360 is a private medical clinic founded by Dr. Jean-Pierre Guimond. Its primary mission is to provide excellent medical services while ensuring that each member can benefit from an easy and direct access.

With accessibility as the predominant value, members at Clinique Médicale 360 can benefit from 24/7 direct phone access with their family doctor. In addition, Clinique Médicale 360 ensures that you will be served by a highly qualified team demonstrating above all a great professionalism and a remarkable humanism in order to give you confidence from the first consultation.

Our personalized and attentive approach, combined with our team that is always listening to its patients’ needs, makes the Medical Clinic 360 a true role model in the field of private medical consultation.


Dr. Jean-Pierre Guimond

Dr. Jean-Pierre Guimond is a family physician with more than 25 years of experience. Has a University of Montreal Alumni, Dr. Guimond worked at the Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts Hospital as a physician in the emergency room, intensive care and palliative care departments, before heading to the Montreal’s West Island Palliative Care Residence.

Subsequent to his hospital experiences, Dr. Guimond developed an expertise in preventive medicine during his years at Plexo/Mediclub.

Wishing to provide a service of excellence and personalized for its customers, Dr. Guimond founded Medical Clinic 360 ​​in 2015. Its primary mission is to offer all its members first class health care without any delay.


Dr. Elise Rouillard

Dr. Rouillard is a graduate of the University of Montreal where she obtained her doctorate in medicine in 2012. She did her residency in family medicine at UMF Notre-Dame, a CHUM affiliate. She joined as a family doctor at the GMF Trois Lacs in 2014 and also practiced at CISSS Suroît for four years. At the same time, she practiced at the University of Montreal's health and psychological counseling center, which welcomes university students.

Wishing to provide quality and personalized services, Dr. Rouillard joins Dr. Jean-Pierre Guimond's team at Medical Clinic 360. In addition to preventive family medicine, she will have the opportunity to pursue various fields of interest, such as women's health, mental health and eventually minor surgery.

Furthermore, Dr. Rouillard also holds a Bachelor of Laws and was a member of the Barreau du Québec from 2004 to 2008.


Our personalized and attentive approach

combined with our team that continually listens to its patients,

makes Medical Clinic 360 a true role model in the field of private health care.


France Guimond Nurse

Our nurse, France, has more than 35 years of hospital and medical clinic experience. She is dedicated to providing the best care to each of her patients, in a warm and professional atmosphere.

Prior to her employment at Medical Clinic 360, France has opened the Breast and Female Cancer Clinic at Edmundston Regional Hospital in New Brunswick.

Always smiling and in a positive mood, France will welcome you during your next visit to Medical Clinic 360.


Pascale Redouté Assistant

Pascale has twenty years of experience as an administrative assistant in the medical community. Her role is to ensure that all clients receive services that meet their expectations in the shortest possible time.

Spontaneous and cheerful, Pascale will welcome you with a good coffee during your next visit to the Medical Clinic 360.

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